Archives mensuelles : février 2016

How to change the world (but the one of others)

Two years ago I had written a post (in French) on Coursera’s class How to change the world from Michael S. Roth (Wesleyan University); this review is a bit late, but I wanted to clarify what I am thinking of this course. I was really enthusiastic about this course after reading the outline and watching the first videos. But I have quickly started to be disappointed during week 2, and I finally stopped enrolling in this course (this is the only course I have quit for another reason than lacking time). It was simply too much disgusting to listen to the arguments and propositions to « help » developing countries; this just looked like a modern colonialist and paternalist discourse. The course ran only a second time at the end of 2014, but I feel that this review is still necessary because other courses like this could appear, and such point of views seem well spreaded.

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